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Dog Breath Freshener Spray Me (4oz) All Natural Way to Clean Your Dogs Breath & Teeth

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  • Did you know bad breath is the #1 sign of periodontal disease? Join thousands of satisfied customers, experts and veterinarians who have experienced the incredible power of our fresh tasting Spray Me.
  • We GUARANTEE you'll notice much fresher smelling breath and cleaner teeth RISK FREE when you add to cart today. DENTAL CARE MADE EASY - REDUCES TARTAR & PLAQUE BUILDUP:
  • A unique blend of ingredients formulated to help promote clean healthy teeth and gums, our potent and premium advanced formula helps to reduce redness of gums, while cleaning, deodorizing and controlling your dog's bad breath - all with NO BRUSHING.
  • VETERINARIAN FORMULATED TO PROMOTE HEALTHY TEETH AND GUMS WHILE EFFECTIVELY BATTLING BAD BREATH: Considering 80% of dogs have dental disease by age 3 and by age 8 it is irreversible - ALL vets agree home on ONE thing - HOME DENTAL CARE IS A MUST.
  • The prevention of periodontal disease has been linked to reducing your dog's chances of heart and even kidney disease.
  • Start cleaning and deodorizing your dog's teeth and gums TODAY with 'Spray Me'. To get yours RISK FREE, click add to cart button above NOW. MADE IN THE USA ALL NATURAL FORMULA:
  • This unique formula is powered by a proprietary blend of 6 ALL NATURAL nutritious ingredients selected to work together to PREVENT bacteria from adhering to teeth.
  • High in vitamin C, 'Spray Me' is excellent at alkalizing body fluids, reducing periodontal inflammation, plus detoxifying, enhancing and supporting immune function.
  • See for yourself when you add to your cart now and SAVE (see promo code on image above). DON'T WAIT UNTIL IT'S TOO LATE: As your dog age increases, so does their risk of permanent periodontal disease.
  • Start your dog on this advanced formula BEFORE the pain starts.
  • Keep your BFF healthy and KISSABLE by doing a daily routine of doggie dental care. RISK 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE! dog breath freshener dog dental spray bad dog breath.

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