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Probiotic Pet Food Additive Powder Supplement for Dog and Cat Food with Human Grade Probiotics, Prebiotics, Digestive Enzymes and Vitamins

About the Product
  • JUST SPRINKLE IT ON Their Food- STOPS DIAHRREA, VOMITING, GAS, BAD BREATH, SKIN, EAR AND JOINT ISSUES- STRENGTHENS THEIR IMMUNE SYSTEM SAVING A TON OF $$$'S AT THE VET with our HUMAN GRADE Probiotics designed specifically for Pets- beats brands such as Purina Fortiflora, Vetri-Science, Mercola, Animal Essentials, NATURVET, Probiotic Miracle, Probios, Dinovite, Prozyme, Pet Ultimates, Proviable DC- GUARANTEED RESULTS
  • INCREASES NUTRIENT ABSORPTION from Food Saving $$$'S ON FOOD- Helps Cats with FURBALLS and URINARY TRACT INFECTIONS- less brush- great for senior pets
  • STOPS SUFFERING from Allergies, Skin and Ear Problems- perfect with Zymox- MAKING YOU FEEL BETTER TOO- Especially if it is a result of Yeast Infections- CHECK THOSE 5 STAR MIRACLE STORIES
  • SEE IMMEDIATE RESULTS since Prebiotics fuel the growth of the good bacteria in our blend. Easy to use powder more effective than pills, tablets and sprays- Natural Liver Flavoring
  • NO POTENTIAL SIDE EFFECTS to Give You PEACE OF MIND since we use all natural ingredients and vitamins with NO MSG- Dogs and Cats best friend- MADE IN THE USA

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